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Case Histories

From time to time people who have attended our courses email us to let us know the training they received has helped them in an emergency situation.  We thought we'd share some of these with you, in their own words:


"I wanted to email you to let you know how truly grateful I am for your first aid course. I did the course at Stonecroft Children's Centre in Crouch End on 19th July. Just a few days later my partner and I went for an early evening meal with our 7 week old son Matthew. Matthew was fine but became a bit restless so I began to breastfeed him. I suddenly noticed he seemed different and when I looked I was horrified to see he was turning blue and seemed to have stopped breathing.
Thankfully due to the training I was able to perform CPR and chest compressions without panicking too much. I was able to revive Matthew before the ambulance arrived.

After a few days in hospital Matthew is back home and is his normal self.
I was told by the doctors that without my application of first aid the outcome would not have been such a good one.

I am eternally grateful I took the course and have been encouraging every parent I know to do it!"



"I just wanted to say thank you... I took a course with you in Tower Hamlets a number of years ago, the skills I have learnt have been used twice in the last month (on one occasion I was told I saved a man's life) and I just wanted to say thank you.

The first incident was around a month ago, I was walking down the street and there was a man laying on the ground, he had a number of people around him so I thought I would get in the way. I continued walking when I realised this man was on his back - I ran back and found he wasn't breathing so I put him in the recovery position where he aspirated a lot of fluid, and began breathing again. The ambulance people said he should recover.

The second was last night when my husband, due to a medical complication, had a spontaneous arterial bleed from his leg. I was able to elevate etc., and was able to stop the bleeding. By the time the RR unit arrived there was apparently nothing for them to do and the only thing I now have to do is re-paint the bathroom (that was caked in blood)!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the skills you taught me.

Thank you!"